maker stuff

high demand maker items:

-paper towel / cardboard tubes 

-all types of tape (scotch, masking, duct...)

-aluminum foil

-nuts, bolts, nails, washers, hinges

-wooden craft sticks

-clothes pins

-balls smaller than a softball



building toys such as:


-Lincoln logs



-Little Bits

-Snap Circuits

take apart:



-CD players


Other unique donations have included ~500lbs of large river rocks, a bag of combs, a pogo stick, a press and a string trimmer engine!

We will accept donations of just about anything!


We have a number of Spring projects including the following:

- Maker Faire - 
support student groups working on projects and presentations.

- Mini- Mountains to the Sea Trail (MST) - 
work on trail development including raking, shoveling, making QR code signs to mark North Carolina MST points of interest

- staining / sealing picnic tables and refurbishing other outdoor learning structures (bird blind, outdoor classroom...)

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