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School Improvement Planning

Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a working document that is used to drive instructional decisions and processes in order to ensure achievement and high academic growth for all students. To see the Estes Hills SIP, visit the School Improvement Team page. The data on which this plan is based comes from EOG/EOC testing data, the NC School Report Card, the Teacher Working Conditions Survey, and our Comprehensive Needs Assessment.

Mission, Vision and Beliefs

Our mission at Estes Hills Elementary School is to create a caring, trusting and respectful school environment focused on life-long learning, ensuring that every child achieves and shows significant growth by providing a diverse education rich in innovation and creativity. A collaborative school community, built on trust and respect, will lay the groundwork as we prepare our students to be successful and productive citizens.


Focus on Growth through
ife-long Learning
nnovation and Creativity
Helping and helpful Collaboration
rusting and Respectful learning Community

Estes Hills: Helping all our Eagles take FLIGHT, so that one day they will soar.


  • Personal Growth - model and promote excellence by challenging our students and ourselves to be and do our best.
  • Collaboration -  open and ongoing communication concerning the student's social, emotional and academic well being
  • Trust and Respect - a commitment to be honest, reliable, courageous and loyal
  • Innovation and Creativity - taking risks, using imagination, intellect and energy to reach goals
  • Life-long learning - fostering a love of learning