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Estes Hills PTA Math Presentation from Feb. 7th PTA meeting

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Paper Donations Needed

The school is low on copy paper. If you have a chance to pick some up, you can bring it to the front office. Thank you!
Join the PTA! Membership dues are annual, so its time to rejoin! Membership Forms are available on the PTA web site. 

Link your Harris Teeter Vic Card
 to Estes Hills #2371. Estes Hills makes over $1,500 a year through Harris Teeter's Together in Education program.  You have to re-link each year either with a clerk at check out or online http://www.harristeeter.com.

For more ways to help Estes Hills raise money, see Support Your School under Parents.

Exciting Events!

2015 Estes Hills Read-A-Thon

The 2015 Read-A-Thon was a huge success!!  Estes Hills students read a total of 204,589 minutes and raised $5000 for our school!!  All the money will be used to support Estes Hills students and staff.

Thank you to all of the amazing families for all their incredible contributions to our school!!!
A big thank you to our Read-A-Thon team for all of their hard work to make our Read-A-Thon such a roaring success!!

Student Achievements


Congratulations to all who participated in the district French Poetry contest!  The following students placed in the competition:

First Grade:  1st place - Faith F., 2nd place - Madelyn P., 3rd place - Aida D.
Second Grade:  1st place - Owen M-B., 2nd place - Adrian H., 3rd place - Yevgeny P.
Third Grade:  3rd place - Megan A.  
Fourth Grade:  1st place - Lucie T., 2nd place - Kevin H., 3rd place - Fuzzy B.
Fifth Grade:  2nd place - Alex A.

Great job to all our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who showed great Grit and determination during the reading and math End of Grade tests!  Way to go!!!

We would like to celebrate the following students for showing Grit:

Teddy D. was recognized by the Kindergarten Team.
Elise O., Matilda F. and Iliana M. were recognized by Ms. Gamble.
Aaron d. was recognized by Ms. Ward.
Mehki D.J. was recognized by Ms. Ward and Ms. Royer.
Andre C. was recognized by Ms. Royer.

We would like to celebrate the following students for showing a Growth Mindset:

Andre A. and Evan W. were recognized by Ms. Gamble.
Lucy B. was recognized by Ms. Ward.
Anna F. was recognized by the 1st Grade Team.

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