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Welcome to Estes Hills Elementary School.  We value your visit, so please look around and enjoy!


Upcoming Events: Board of Education Meeting, 9/18
Teacher Workday, 9/25 / Día de trabajo para maestros, 25 de septiembre

Eagle Calendar


Learn our new school song!

Estes Eagles Fly

Lift off, into the air,

With each beat, for the sky we prepare.

A gust of wind, it boosts us along,

Where you’ll know you’re not alone,

When you make Estes Hills your home.

Eagles fly high, yes, that is clear.

There is one place for you to perch

And that place is right here,

Where tough times just won’t get you down,

Pick you up if you fall to the ground.

And You’ll know you're not alone

When you make Estes Hills your Home

Estes Hills Eagles, Estes Eagles fly,

Estes Hills Eagles, they fly.

Estes Hills PTA
Math Presentation from Feb. 7th PTA meeting

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